Do you want to register visitors or receive text notifications using a different phone number than the one you initially registered with? No problem! Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

You will need to create an account in iStall first. See here for more details on creating an account. 

Step 2:

Once you have created an account and verified your information, sign in to your iStall account settings. This can be done by clicking Sign-In on the top right hand corner. If you are having trouble signing in, see here for more details on resetting your password.

Step 3:

Skip this step if you clicked directly on the (account) link above. Once you are logged in, under the settings icon, click on My Account, or simply click the button below.

View Account Settings

Step 4:

Select the "Notifications" option.

Go to Notifications Now

Step 5:

Click "Add" and then add your new phone number and the name of the person whose phone number it is.

Then click "Save".

That's it! Your new phone number is now setup. You should now have an entry that looks like this:

Any phone number listed here will now receive text notifications and can be used as a resident phone number to register new visitors.