This commonly happens when a user is trying to do a reserved stall, but there are no stalls available. (they are set to 0 for whatever reason)

before you begin, confirm four digit location id, appartment unit number (code) and confirm that it is available (user previously moved out) using xls sheet .

1. the admin goes to account - > admin

2. get lot #

3. the admin then goes to manage lots, 

4. Type in the  four digit code of the parking lot, and select the drop down box that is created below.

5. Select the Types button

6. Select assigned stalls

7. Find monthly parking <insert number here>

8. Select the Custom Data button

9. Select Available codes

10. Select available apartment unit number (in available codes)

11. Find the number available.

12. select edit

13. find registration parkings

14. change 0 to 1.

15. Hit save.

Screen Captures

Step 2

Step 5

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 13