Is someone parked unauthorized in your parking stall? Use these steps to request parking enforcement & get safely parked.

  1. Sign in to (Don't remember your password? Check out the How to reset your password article for a primer on resetting it.)
  2. After signing in, you'll see a screen that says "Welcome Back! How can we help?" Click on "tow request" on this page. Or simply click here.
  3. You will now see a listing of your permits and registrations, with the option to "Request Tow" on the right side of the page. You will need to fill in the License Plate, Make, Model, and Color of the vehicle.
  4. Click Save.

After submitting a tow request, you will automatically receive a 24-hr registration to park in Scramble Parking, Open Resident Parking, or Visitor Parking.

If you need an ETA on your tow request, you can reach out to the towing company servicing your city:

Tow Company Info


Name of Towing Company

Phone Numbers



Citywide towing and recovery

403 287 9111 / 1-800-465-2470 


Oil Country Towing (Alternately call United Parking 1.844.869.6377) 

780 986 6088


One Shot Parking



Alpine towing and recovery

(306) 584-8697


Doctor hook towing and recovery

1-800-561-4665 (HOOK) / 1-204-956-4665 (HOOK)