How to create and download registration logs in iStall

As a lot administrator and a lot manager you can create and download parking registration reports.

Step 1

Sign in to with your email and password you created, by clicking on the Settings symbol and Sign In in the top right hand corner. 

Step 2

On the main screen in iStall, click on Registrations (see below), or click on Plate Registration Log on the sidebar. 

Step 3

The report requires that you choose a location, as well as a start and end date; if you are searching for a specific plate, enter the license plate number under the Plate field. Leave the Plate field blank if you would like to search for all plates. Then, click Generate Report. 

To export, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click Export. Each report can be either exported as an excel file (.xlsx) or a tab-separated file (.tsv). Each export shows:

  • The lot name
  • The type of registration
  • Any tenants and phone numbers assigned to this lot. A Tenant could be a code or unit, if you are using code-based registration.
  • All license plates, as well as the date and time they registered for parking and when their registration ended
  • The confirmation code of the registration
  • Payment status (if applicable)
  • The email of the user, if they were signed in to iStall at the time of registration 

To view specific details of each registration on the reports page, click on Details(below) of the registration. You will be able to view the license plate number, start and end date & time of the registration, as well as the location, registration type, the confirmation number and the time the visitor registered for parking.

Note that all times are shown in the time zone that the lot was set up as.