The different levels of access available in iStall

iStall has several different access levels which allows the users to perform different tasks based on their access level. 

The different levels are:

  • Parker (or visitor)
  • Tenant 
  • Manager 
  • Lot Administrator

Creating an account will permit iStall to provide you with receipts for transactions, and allow you to maintain a list of vehicle plates associated with vehicles you drive.  Visitors can create their own accounts and are required to if paying for parking through iStall.


A tenant refers to a retail unit using iStall to validate customer parking with a tablet. A tenant has access to running registration reports, as well as adding and removing vehicles from the white-list/blacklist on lots they are assigned to. A tenant can also maintain their own list of employees with the white-list. Only managers or lot administrators are able to create tenant accounts.


Users like property managers can have limited access to iStall to manage their registrations and visitors. 

Managers of lots have access to the following:

  • Creating registrations
  • Running registration reports
  • Running transaction reports
  • Managing white-list/Blacklist plates
  • Creating and managing tenants
  • Sending notifications 

Only lot administrators can create manager accounts

Lot Administrator

Lot Administrators have access to the following:

  • Requesting new lots
  • Managing current lots
  • Managing user access
  • Adding users (managers and tenants only)
  • Security Reports (user access)
  • Creating registrations
  • Sending notifications
  • Running registration reports
  • Running transaction reports

iStall administrators have access to create lot admin accounts. Please contact us if you require an account.

How to create a Manager Account

Only lot admins have access to create this type of account.

  1. To begin, log in to your lot admin account
  2. From the menu column on the left-hand side, click Manage User Access

Here you can edit user access of previously added managers or add new managers

To add new user

Click add 

Enter email address

Chose lot you wish to give them access to and choose access level

Click Save

This will send email to that user requesting that they create an account on iStall. While you wait for the user to create their account they will be added to the pending list.

Once they have created and verified their account, they will list as active. 

NOTE: The user will only have to register for an account once. When they have registered, and verified their account, you can now add then directly to other locations.

How to create a tenant account

Both managers and lot administrations can create tenant accounts

  1. Login to your account 
  2. From the navigation bar on the left-hand side click manage lots
  3. On a location, click tenants
  4. Enter the details of the tenant you wish to add. The new tenant will appear in the manage tenant list
  5. From that tenant, click users
  6. Click add tenant user
  7. Enter the user email address and click save. 

This user will receive an email from iStall requesting that they complete registering for an account. Once complete and email address verified the user will have access to log in to iStall.