How to edit the code, label and number of registrations remaining for the code-based registration type in iStall

This article shows you how to edit the code, the label and the amount of registrations remaining for an individual unit that has been set up with a code-based registration system.

Step One

Sign in to

Step Two

Under Manage Lots on the sidebar, search for the lot ID you wish to edit the registrations in. 

Step Three

Click on Types

Step Four

If there are multiple registration types set up at this lot, look for the type "Code-Based Registration" (or a similar code-based type) under the Type header. Then, click on Custom Data under the Action header. (see below)

Step Five

Click on Available Codes

Step Six

On the Custom Data Edit page, you can search for a code, label or section through the search function (see below). 

Or, you can scroll through and find the code you're looking for. Once you have found it, click on Edit under the Action column. 

Step Seven

Under the Custom Field Editor, you can now edit the Code, Label and number of registrations remaining. 

Step Eight

Once you have finished editing, click Save.