How to manage a lot as an Admin in iStall Parking Management

As an administrator in iStall, you have the ability to edit or manage any of the lots assigned or created by you. 

Editing a Lot Location and Name

Under the Lot Administration page on the left-side panel, click "Manage Lots". The screen below will show up with all of the lots you have access to. 

Click "Edit" on the lot you wish to change. There are quite a few options to edit, but only the first 7 options will be applicable. See the screenshot and explanations below:

Payment Methods

If you would like to set up a payment method for paid parking, you will need to contact your Visipark representative. 

Remote API's

With the help of an iStall representative, you can set up an API that will integrate iStall with your chosen parking citation system. Click on Edit Lots, then click "Remote API's" on the lot you wish you edit (below). 

After speaking to your iStall representative about the type of API configuration would work best for you, select the API type from the drop down and click "Add" (see below)

How to Add or Edit Maps

To create a map, you will need to contact your iStall representative.