How to request a new lot

A lot admin has the ability to request a new lot. Once the lot has been requested and approved, they will then have access to configure this lot, but initially they must request that the lot be set up.  

  1. On the navigation bar under Lot Administration, click Lot Requests
  2. Click New Lot Request 
  3. Enter the name of the lot
  4. Enter the Address
  5. Use the Address lookup to locate the lot on a map to determine latitude and longitude. You can use the satellite view of the map to exactly pin point the location of the parking lot
  6. Click Save

Your lot request will be sent to a member of the Visipark team who will set up the lot for you. This typically will take up to 1 working day. Once complete you will receive an email to state the lot has been set up and you have been given lot admin access to that lot. You can then configure the lot as you wish. 

Screen Captures: