What are Pending Registrations? 

Pending registrations are located on the menu bar under Parking Management and are registrations a visitor has requested but still need a confirmation from a lot admin or manager. 

What is a Plate Registration Log? 

A plate registration log is a report of all vehicles registered at a specific lot, during a specified date range. The report can be downloaded to an excel or csv file. It is located on the menu under Parking Management -> Plate Registration Log. 

What is a Pending Remote Notification?

Pending remote notifications are notifications that have not yet been received by the integrated software used for patrolling or managing registrations. 

How do I send a Notification?

A notification can be sent to the patrollers or lot managers of a specified lot. To send a notification, under Tools in the menu, click on Send A Notification. The email is sent from noreply@istall.ca and cannot be replied to, so be sure to include in the message who the notification is from as well as any other contact information that the receiver would need. 

How do I Search by Confirmation Code?

A confirmation code is the code given to a registered vehicle once they have successfully registered for parking. If the visitor was logged into iStall at the time, they will have received the code through email as well.

Under Tools in the menu column, click on Search by Confirmation Code. In the Confirmation field, enter the 15-digit code, and select the lot. Then click filter. 

How do I Validate a Confirmation Code?

To validate a confirmation code, under Tools in the Menu column, click on Verify Confirmation Code. Enter in the 15-digit code, as well as the Lot and the date and time the visitor registered, then click verify. If the confirmation code is valid, the details will appear with a green banner across the top of the page showing "Confirmation code is valid." If it is not valid, a red banner will show at the top of the page with "The confirmation code is invalid"