How to Register for Parking

Registering to Parking using iStall is a cinch! Simply follow the directions below. 

Step 1: 

Navigate to and enter the Location ID (found on the bottom left of the parking signs in the lot) into the field, then click Next.

Step 2:

Fill out all the fields. Note, you will need to know your license plate number. Some locations require you to have a unit number. This is usually the same as the number on the door of the unit. If iStall is asking for a parking code or PIN, you can get this information from the Property Manager. 

Once everything is filled out, hit Register. 

Step 3: 

The Registration Details page will now show your information; it is recommended you download these details for your records. 

Reserved Monthly Parking Vs Scramble Parking

Monthly Reserved Parking is having a specific parking spot reserved for your vehicle.

Scramble Parking means you have the opportunity to park in a specific range of parking lots on a first come, first served basis.

The parking stall is empty, but the user believes it's available

  1. Have user go to
  2. Put in billing code.
  3. Go to request
  4. Check istall map – confirm it is empty according to renters.
  5. If it is available, register the account.

If not, educate the user that it is currently not available until the switch over at the end of the month (1st day between 2 to 4 am).